While technically we’re in the business of extensions, in reality we redesign lifestyles.

Whilemodern lifestyles no longer fit within the boxed off rooms in properties built decades ago, new homes are notoriously short on square footage.

Old or new, if you’ve outgrown your four walls, our ‘under one roof’ extension service can recreate your living space.

Before Extension
After Extension
After Extension

We want to set the record straight – a home extension is so much more than bricks and mortar. A home extension could and should mark a sea change in how you live, laugh, entertain and dine. From hosting dinner parties, to dreaming up a dedicated space for your children to study, we want to hear all about your plans and ideas. This is our starting point, from where we’ll listen, advise and guide. Alongside you, we’ll then recreate the way in which you live.

Deliveries, installations, contractors, materials – project management made simple.

Right now, you’re in the middle of the exciting phase of planning and imagining your extended home – and the improved lifestyle you’ll find within. Let’s keep it that way.

From the first design that will evolve with your feedback, until the last brick is laid, wehandle every element of your extension project. For you, this means that the entire process is simpler and smoother, without the multiple moving parts to continually manage.

No materials to order, no many (many) differing trades to arrange, no logistical nightmares to keep you up at night. Which just leaves you to count the days down until your dream extension is complete.


Business owner, time is money. You need more space – proactively project managed, without the complexity of using many different companies and tradespeople(and without the potential for your project going over budget, over timescale, or both).

After all, you have your own business to run.

Extending workshops and retail premises, our end-to-end commercial extension service does away with the need to work with an overwhelming number of tradespeople – each of whom may require more than one material to be delivered at a set time.

For 10 years, we specialised in shop fittings. So you could say that we know a thing or two about to-the-minute, time-critical projects.

From the very first sketch of ideas and possibilities, to the final lick of paint, our team have transformed businesses in every sector – from retail outlets to art studios – extending their spaces and transforming their 9-to-5.